Monthly Performance Counseling
  • Duty
  • Uniform Policies / Soldier Appearance (AR 670-1)
  • Shift Times and Schedules
  • Counseling of Subordinates
  • Continual Soldier Development
  • Physical Fitness Program
  • Conduct of Soldiers (On and Off Duty)
  • Chain of Command
  • Drill Attendance and SUTA Policy
  • Alcohol Policy

- Soldiers will carry themselves in a military manner at all times while on duty. While on duty, soldiers will maintain speed limits and stay within their assigned areas.
- Soldiers will report to work in proper duty uniform and maintain appearance in accordance with AR 670-1. The duty uniform will include ID Cards/Dog Tags/ROE Cards/notepad and pen.
- Shift times and schedule will be posted and adhered to.
- Counseling of all soldiers will be done on a quarterly basis or as operational and personal needs warrant.
- Soldiers are encouraged to enroll into correspondence courses, read soldiers manuals, and to continue learning all related computer programs within the operation for self development. Soldier’s are encouraged to attend training or classes to better themselves for future employment.
- Soldiers will participate in a Physical Fitness Program, and will perform PT on a regular basis. Schedules will be maintained by shift NCOIC’s, and diagnostic PT tests will be scheduled.
- Soldiers will conduct themselves in a military manner and maintain a military bearing on and off duty at all times. This means showing proper respect to others while on this mission.
- All personnel will use the chain of command at all times.
- All soldiers on State Activation Duty, (SAD) regardless of duty station will attend drills with their respective unit each month when mission allows. SUTA’s will be performed on soldiers days off when that months drill can not be attended.
- Soldier will not consume alcohol 12 hours prior to starting work.
- Ensure duty areas are clean, trash/recyclable containers emptied by end of shift daily.

Soldier’s will be monitored by their chain of command, follow up to be conducted in 30 days.
30 day counseling of all soldier’s